Packard Bell PC Boots up with no Monitor image

  braindead2007 02:20 10 Mar 2008

Packard Bell Pavillion with Media Center 2005 operating with Windows XP Service Pack 2. A few weeks ago the screensaver started flickering, and when the PC was reactivated the monitor went blank. The monitor sometimes stay blank until the next time the screensaver would kick in. The blank screen is now happening at boot up stage. During boot up the process is shown in filcks on the dark screen. The blank boot up sometimes concludes when the start up process ends, or starts again at the end of boot up. I terminated the screensaver function and now have no images being displayed on monitor. The PC was tested with another monitor. The PC will make the startup theme and even play CDs automatically. The machine cant be switched off, unless power pukked from mains Any Help?

  FatboySlim71 08:24 10 Mar 2008

Prior to the PC developing the problem, had it been moved or had it taken a knock?

If so then the graphics card may have become partially unseated, also you don't mention if you had checked the monitor lead to see if it was fully inserted into the PC and the monitor.

Also, did the fault occur when you tried it on another monitor?

Also, it may be worth trying your monitor on another PC that is known to be working OK, so as to determine that the monitor doesn't have a fault.

  braindead2007 13:52 11 Mar 2008

AS far as i am aware the PC was not knocked, and i have pushed the various bits and pieces inside the PC to see if they are loose in slots.

I tried using a second monitor on the computer and changed the cables, the blackness appears. The monitors when disconnected send me a floating graphic message with telling me they are not receiving a signal. so i have assumed that the monitors are ok.

The PC does boot up even when no signal is sent to the monitors, each stage is denoted with a change of shade, the music plays when the Welcome page appears.

Yesterday the PC booted up ok and even when went through the start up, i even had time to download a virus scanner update and save some stuff to a USB stick before seeing if a sysem restore to a few months before the problems started. This all went ok.

When i started using the PC again after accepting the restore and just generally using the internet and wordprocessor the screen went blank again and would not reappear.

Other times the system has booted up blank, I have been able to automatically play a CD and get music, even the Media Center when playing some TV , the sound still appears when there is a blank screen.

The major problem is turning the PC of, pushing the button only puts it on standby and a slight movement of the mouse reactivates it

  daxian 14:27 11 Mar 2008

hi braindead2007....
sounds like it may be an intermitent fault with the graphics card you have a spare you could try ?

as for shutting down the pc with out a display it can be done with the keyboard alt f4 will bring up the shutdown box then press u and u again. hope this helps....Dave.

  FatboySlim71 09:17 12 Mar 2008

I have to agree with daxian "sounds like it may be an intermitent fault with the graphics card"

At least if you can borrow a graphics card, and if it did work ok this would then tell you that your present graphics card is faulty.

  katkins 13:21 12 Mar 2008

Check Power Settings in Control Panel to see if the PC is set to go into hibernation at close intervals.

  katkins 22:04 14 Mar 2008


It could also be that some part or other might need a driver update although it's more likely to be the graphics card as previously suggested by others.

To turn off a computer, I was advised by Currys ages ago, in cases of freeze-up/crashes to always press the 'blue light' off button and count up to 10 seconds before rebooting although daxian's advices are definitely safer and less potentially damaging, I think.

Thanks daxian for that gem of a tip.

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