Packard Bell & Office 2003 Trial

  DoctorButcher 23:21 03 Feb 2005

A computer-illiterate friend has just emailed me with a problem about her Office 2003 installation.

She bought a Packard Bell PC (against my recommendation! :p) with XP Home on it and a trial version of Office 2003. A few days ago, the trial ran out and she purchased the full version of the software, which Microsoft duly delivered (CD & licence).

She has attempted to upgrade the trial version to the full version but gets the following (she describes)...

Microsoft office 2003 setup

yellow triangle with black! inside followed by Microsoft setup cannot continue because the installation source has been corrupted. then the button OK

When she clicks on 'OK' the PC says she has canceled the set up and to complete another time, please run setup again...

She has uninstalled the trial version totally and tried to install fully off the CD, but no good as same message appears...

I'm trying to sort this remotely as she is in Belfast and i'm not..


  [email protected] 23:32 03 Feb 2005

Could be just as the message says & is a problem with the CD - Has she tried cleaning the CD or been having problems with other CD's?

  DoctorButcher 23:34 03 Feb 2005 problems with other CDs

  TomJerry 23:38 03 Feb 2005

the trail is 2003 professional and CD she bought is student/teacher version which has not got everything

one possible solution, uninstall trial version first and then install what she bought

ACTUALLY, no need to install, she only need to enter license code if the trail version is the same as she bought

  DoctorButcher 23:41 03 Feb 2005

She tried that on my recommendation, but got the same end result...

I'm suspecting a dodgy CD but want to rule out current software first.

  DoctorButcher 23:58 03 Feb 2005

We're going with a dodgy CD and contacting Microsoft in the morning...

Cheers for the help! :)

  sjp101 23:04 16 Feb 2005

Can't believe my good fortune, have exactly same problem, only my uncle lives in London. Doctor Butcher, was the contact with Microsoft suceessful? What did they advise? I would greatly some feedback,

  TomJerry 19:08 17 Feb 2005

try it

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