Packard Bell not well.

  rdave13 11:30 04 Mar 2009

Three year old PC with pentium 4 cpu and XP. Haven't got any more details yet. Problem was the PC just died while friend surfing. No warning just nothing happening. The usb modem light was still on showing power to usb.
Changed the PSU and checked all connections. Still dead as a dodo, no fans, beeps or any indication lights.
Am I correct in assuming that the motherboard is finished?

  MAJ 12:58 04 Mar 2009

"Am I correct in assuming that the motherboard is finished?"

Certainly sounds like it, rdave13.

  howard64 17:22 04 Mar 2009

first remove all usb cables - this has been known as a problem that occasionally occurs. With nothing other than a monitor connected try again. If still the same start removing bits from the pc. If more than 1 strip of ram remove all but one piece and try again. If still nothing remove last stick of ram and put another in try again. If still nothing start removing bits from the pc such as cables to hard drive and keep retrying. I had a video card short out and shut the pc down and it was completely dead until I took the card out then the pc came to life. Try removing everything 1 bit at a time. Just becuase 1 light was on does not prove that the psu is ok on all lines. If you can try another psu much cheaper to try than a new mobo.

  hiwatt 18:45 04 Mar 2009

Hi folks.I need some DDR 400 184 pin RAM to upgrade from my very slow 256mb.Does anyone know if the RAM offered on ebay is ok?Has anyone ever bought RAM from ebay and it's been faulty?Any help is much appreciated.

  hiwatt 18:46 04 Mar 2009

Sorry please ignore this.I meant to pst my own thread.Duh.

  rdave13 00:39 05 Mar 2009

Thanks for your replies and apols I couldn't reply sooner, just back from work.
MAJ, I tend to agree.
howard64, replaced the PSU and with only ps/2 mouse and monitor connected it's still dead. Will start stripping the innards tomorrow and see what happens.
Thanks again.

  rdave13 09:37 05 Mar 2009

Just tried removing hardware bit by bit. Not a sausage. Won't bother suggesting new mobo as desktop towers are relatively cheap now. Used for surfing only so no need for high specs.

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