packard bell graphics card

  pootelwootel 00:33 17 Apr 2006

Hi, ive recently bought a packard bell i extream 1907 very happy with the pc but i would like to find out some info about updating the graphics chip and whats involved ??
1 dose anyone know what chip comes as standard equipment ?
2 i would like to fit a ati 1900xtx chip in sli mode(is this possible) ?
3 do i need anything thing else to do this,ie uprated psu etc etc ?
any help of anykind would be gratefully recieved

  ACOLYTE 01:18 17 Apr 2006

If you download and run this click here it should tell you what equip you have now.

Then it may be possible to tell you what you can up to.

  pootelwootel 02:02 17 Apr 2006

thanks that was a top says that i have a ati radeon 9550 running through a agp(socket) ?

  vinnyT 11:27 18 Apr 2006

In that case, unless ATi bring out a agp version of the x1900xtx, you will not be able to install the card/s you mentioned as these are pci-e sockets.

Hope this helps.

  Totally-braindead 11:41 18 Apr 2006

For SLI you need 2 graphics slots PCI Express ones and 2 Nvidia cards not ATI cards. If its AGP you have you can get a better graphics card than you have if you wish but the latest ones are PCI Express. By the way I couldn't find the desktop you say you have anyway I could only find the IMedia 1507 click here is this what you have?

  pootelwootel 17:34 18 Apr 2006

thanks everyone for your help i think im pretty much sorted now.
probaly going to opt for a x1600 agp.
you can tell im new to computers cant you ..
once again many thanks

  Totally-braindead 18:01 18 Apr 2006

Perhaps have a look here click here compare what you have now to the X1600

  pootelwootel 22:25 18 Apr 2006

thanks totaly braindead that was very card wasnt even on there

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