Packard Bell A727/P17" Flat Monitor

  agnes15 19:43 12 Dec 2004

This monitor is 2 years old and now has a fault -it looks as though it has "lost power". The screen is dull, dark and feint. I have checked all adjustments and connections. Can one of you experts please advise me if this is a repairable fault or should I replace it?

Many thanks


  TOPCAT® 20:40 12 Dec 2004

and Self Test at click here Maybe this will show up the problem for you. TC.

  agnes15 12:12 13 Dec 2004

Thankyou TOPCAT - I followed your instructions.
During test the red,green and blue bars appear only very briefly then I get a blank screen - can you offer any further advice please - like is this how monitors usually die or can this sort of problem be rectified etc..

Many thanks again


  TOPCAT® 16:36 13 Dec 2004

but they usually last much longer than two years.

Did you use to hear the monitor degauss? A sort of taut-string twanging sound from the monitor on bootup.

Assuming that you can see the OSD (OnScreen Display), you can manually make the monitor do this from the front control buttons, but excess manual degaussing is not recommended so try it only once or twice.

This link click here explains how to do this from your Onscreen Display; it is the third icon from the bottom you need to acquire on the OSD.

Next, I would try the factory default settings icon 'Recall' - fifth icon from the bottom of this link page. Hopefully, this will help in restoring your display. TC.

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