Packard Bell 4607 problem

  cwham 23:31 17 Nov 2008

My problem is that the pc won't boot up,I keep getting the on screen message frequency out of range,it does'nt load windows,and the hard disk light is always on,I can't get into the bios.
The pc is running wndows xp home edition,prior to the above problem I did notice that the date and time were'nt correct,and probably the cmos battery is faulty,the pc was running prefectly until I noticed the date/time problem,I did replace the battery but this did'nt make any difference. My packard bell pc is quite old,anyone know how I can cure this problem,Thank you

  MAJ 23:39 17 Nov 2008

A "frequency out of range" error usually refers to a graphics or screen problem. Is your display working at all? Maybe try a different graphics card.

  cwham 23:47 17 Nov 2008

Hi Maj,
My display is'nt working at all,I did think of trying a different graphics card,but I could'nt find the jumper setting to disable the on board graphic chip

  MAJ 23:50 17 Nov 2008

Try a different monitor first, if you have access to one, cwham. A standalone graphics card will probably disable the onboard graphics chip when you install it, if not, you can disable the onboard chip, in device manager, if it cures the problem.

  cwham 23:48 18 Nov 2008

I tried a different monitor,still got the same message on the screen,I will try again later to sort the problem out,as I think this may take sometime to sort out thanks Maj

  MAJ 00:34 19 Nov 2008

Graphics card then, cwham.

  cwham 23:36 20 Nov 2008

Hi Maj,
I tried another card in,but the old pbell still won't boot up,the same message frequency out of range,is still coming up,I will leave it for now,and try again,or I may use it for spares,

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