packard bell

  the kopite 17:24 24 Jun 2005

Hi Guys My friend has just brought a new comuter with a nvida 6800 graphics card but she can not get the tft monitor to work I suggested she plugged her old crt monitor in to the tower to see if that worked but she told me the connector for her old monitor will not fit the new card the old monitor came with the packard bell computer from pc world I thought all monitors and graphic cards were compatible can you help guys she is panicking thanks kopite

  bremner 17:38 24 Jun 2005

There are two types of coonector - the D-Sub and the newer DVI.

Sounds like the new machine has DVI and her old monitor D-Sub

  the kopite 17:54 24 Jun 2005

Thank you bremner yes its dvi can you tell me where the tft monitor plugs into as there is no wall socket to monitor is it usb ? never having a tft and never likely to afford one I am at a loss I have trawld the net looking for a manual she broughr this of ebay and recived no manuals thanks kopite

  elchris 20:54 24 Jun 2005

Hi, funnily enough, I bought a new tft monitor for my packard bell last monday. Had the same prob so what I did was use the original moniter cable (which splits into two) .......the cable supplied with the moniter has gone into the rgb slot in the back of the tft, and then into the graphics card on the back of the tower , the dc plug supplied with the moniter has gone into the er dc plug in the tft and then into the adapter supplied , then I have used the original packard bell cable , one part into the moniter and one part into the other end of the adapter . It all works fine .
Hope this helps .

  the kopite 05:42 25 Jun 2005

thanks for replying elchris its been resolved there was a adapter for the monitor which she never saw lol marking this resolved thaks kopite

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