P4S61 system problems? Monitor not coming on.

  izzywish 02:35 26 Jun 2005

I have a 3Gb P4 with 512Mb DDR on an ASROCK P4S61 board. GFX is ATI 9800 SE. OS, XP Pro SP2.
I have had the system about five months. Left NeedForSpeedU2 running for about 15 mins. Came back and screen had frozen( gone green and unreadable). Re-booted and the monitor remained on stand-by. Will boot if I am pressing F2 to get into bios settings, but otherwise will only do so intermittently and never makes it to WIN.
Hva echanged GFX cards, taken out HDD's, and soundcard. Still does same thing.
Took it to shop who 'tested' it for several hours , put in a new fan and said it was booting fine. Got it home same problem.
Old PC boots fine with monitor so I know it's not that.
Did notice though that on the occasions I could get it to boot the memory & CPU frequencies read different every time?
Is it likely to be either of these components causing problems? If so then which one?



  Leslie-212488 08:27 26 Jun 2005

Which fan did the shop replace? was it the CPU cooling fan?. Do you get the a single "BEEP" after POST? if yes, try starting in safe mode (just keep pressing F8)from here you should be able to trouble shoot.if NO,I would go back to basics, disconnect everything, except the GFX, the pc should boot and you should get a display showing text only.if no display,it could be your MB thats at fault(i have ruled out the CPU, as they either work or dont,they dont go intermittent)
You should also contact ASROCK, could be a problem with the MB. Also check for a BIOS upgrade.
see how you get on

  izzywish 00:56 27 Jun 2005

Thx. That was my final thought having now tested the memory too. PC Shop didn't replace any fan, just put in a new one. An excuse for charging me £40 for doing nothing whatsoever I suspect!!

Will have to get a new board and see where I go from there. :-(


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