P4 & Thermal tape.

  oxfo 19:02 22 Sep 2004

Iam assembling my 3rd pc ,last 2 were amds that had quite thick thermal tape with a protective cover over them,which the instructions told you to remove.This time Iam using a Intel P4 for which the documentation shows a thin piece of 22mm square grey tape on the HSF with no mention of removing any cover.Does anyone know if this is ok to assemble as shown? I asked the tech lads @ Micro-direct & they werent to sure.

  Grouse ® 19:36 22 Sep 2004

No plastic film on P4 Heatsink, try not to touch the thermal paste " grey square of paste ". And try and put the heatsink on in one go, without much movement...............If you look at the bottom of the plastic case the fan was in, you will notice a recess so the paste does not get damaged, hence no film!

  Dorsai 19:49 22 Sep 2004

If you have problems, it is fairly cheap to by the thermal grease, click here sell it. click here item 90 as at time of posting.

  Caså 20:04 22 Sep 2004

My P4 had a square of soft metal maybe ally,with matt black dry finish.No paste.Works fine,temp about 39c.

  Grouse ® 20:44 22 Sep 2004

if you want, take your finger nail to a corner of the square thermal grease, that looks like plasticine, and it will come away quite easily. not a thermal tape as an AMD...........

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