P4 or AMD CPU?

  User-2D3CF959-A4D7-44C5-8F0FE558E085674A 23:28 09 Apr 2003

I don't know if this is an 'allowed' question as I am new to this kind of thing and a relative novice with computers, but I am keen to build my own computer and just cannot make up my mind as to whether to base it around an AMD Barton XP 3000+ or a P4 3.06 GHz processor.They are similar in price, has anyone any advice as to stability +/- performance?

  nurn 23:38 09 Apr 2003

p4 better for encoding video editing + only as stable if conpatable with all the other conponets

  DieSse 23:39 09 Apr 2003

click here

For a comprehensive review.

  rickf 23:40 09 Apr 2003

This may be idiosycratic but if they are around the same price, I have not compared, I would myself go for the P4. It seems more stable and reliable to me over the yrs of using AMD and Pentium. Hope I haven't started the old chestnut again.

  DieSse 00:14 10 Apr 2003

click here

also here - specific to these two processors.

  dinom 23:46 10 Apr 2003

Always Intel.We stopped building amd machines 18 months ago due to overheating.Never had a problem with P4's.

  snowy30 01:45 11 Apr 2003

well, I think that properly answers my question then. P4 it is. I was debating to buy a AMD 2800XP or a P4 machine with either 2.66 or 2.8GHz processor.

  snowy30 21:49 20 Apr 2003

Ok, tell me this then. If AMD processors has supposedly an overheating problem and they're also unstable, then why is big computer companies like Evesham continue to sell machines with AMD processors installed? other than being cheaper than Intel.

  jeez 22:23 20 Apr 2003

dinom, u sould have used decent heatsink n fans then,eh. AMD, always more stable, better performance and, usually a little cheaper. That's why lot's of major pc manfs use them, think about it!

  powerless 22:29 20 Apr 2003

P4, AMD and VIA ;-)

  jeez 23:16 20 Apr 2003

world mag

PC World found that while the new Intel components didn't push up the price of the systems it tested, PCs based on AMD's Althon XP 3000+ remain faster and less expensive than the new P4-based computers.

In its tests the top WorldBench score PC World could squeeze from its new P4 systems was 127, which is easily beaten by the score's PC Advisor has been getting from Athlon 3000+ systems, which tops the scale at 138.

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