P4 Heatsink Retention Bracket Broken. Help

  PhiltheFragger 20:17 07 Jun 2004

A chum has a Dell Dimension 2350 which is 18 months old and out of warranty.

It recently stopped working and upon opening the case, I found the heatsink was on the floor of the case, The black square bracket that is screwed to the motherboard had sheared the lugs on both sides, and the heatsink clips had nothing to clip onto.

Tried Dell. All they want to do is sell a replacement mobo at a cost of 150 plus delivery & VAT, so not much change out of 200 quid there.

Cant identify the mobo.

Does anybody know where I can get a replacement part, its got to be a bog standard mobo componant

The chipsetis an Intel 845GL, isit worth contacting intel?

Answers on a postcard please


  Totally-braindead 20:27 07 Jun 2004

If the heatsink came off then theres its almost certain the CPU has blown as well I'm afraid.

  jonnytub 20:41 07 Jun 2004

agree with braindead in that the cpu is probably a gonner, however would put it to the forum as to whether or not the overheat protection may have saved your processor. this would come down to whether or not the bios supports this feature. Describe the board and any identifying marks, names, numbers and they may be able to identify the mobo

  Mister Splendid 20:49 07 Jun 2004

Try this click here for a very cheap motherboard with the same chipset.

  christmascracker 20:58 07 Jun 2004

Before you do anything have a read of this

click here

  Totally-braindead 21:03 07 Jun 2004

Had a look at your post christmascracker I knew about non standard components but this article is frightening.

  Dorsai 21:10 07 Jun 2004

you don't say which heatsink, but i geuss the CPU.

If the CPU is cooked, it's cooked. if the brackets on the mobo are bust, you neeed a new one...but 1st.....

Assuming the fan on the dislodged heat sink/fan unit still runs pick it up and hold it on the cpu, you can't cook the cpu as it is probably naked already. turn the pc on. if it boots up into windows, shut it down immediatly. there is a chance the CPU survived. as the mounting brakets/lugs on the mobo are US, you need to get some 'thermal glue' I can't recommend any particular type just search for it..use it to glue the heat-sink to the cpu.

nothing to loose.

  Totally-braindead 21:19 07 Jun 2004

How about click here a new board, memory, cpu and fan for £116.33, enough spare cash to buy a new power supply to avoid the problems in the article christmascracker mentioned or Intel click here £198.57

  christmascracker 21:40 07 Jun 2004

"I knew about non standard components but this article is frightening."

It is isn't it! One of the reasons I got rid of the Dell I had before this PC. I don't know if they still use non standard parts but I wouldn't like to take the chance!

  PhiltheFragger 21:48 07 Jun 2004

Thanks guys

the CPU still works Its been cutting out before it fried itself.

Any ideas on a replacement part, it has to be a standard part.

  MadNige 21:50 07 Jun 2004

For the cheap-n-cheerful quick fix, just epoxy down the clips to the PCB (don't use epoxy between the h/s and processor, you will want to renew the h/s compound); the processor, being Intel, could well have survived. To check, try laying the case on it's side and balancing the h/s on the processor (maybe use a couple of lumps of blu-tak to help hold it in place), and see if it flies.

Doing this means you won't be able to upgrade the processor or mobo separately, but if it works you should get a few years out of it yet.

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