P4 and DDR Ram?

  GlynH 00:27 08 Oct 2004

Hi all,

Just bought a P4 3.2 chip to upgrade my Celeron 1.8 after I bought a new prescott ready mobo last month. I've got PC2100 DDR ram in at the moment.

Do you think using this Ram will cause problems or it just won't run a quick as it would with PC3200? I think the P4 may have 'issues' with the slow RAM - what do you think? Would it do any damage?

I can't really afford some Ram at the moment too. I suppose I could leave the P4 out for the moment and wait 'til I can afford it.


PS I have also bought a new Enermax PSU for the extra oomph.

  ste_bla 00:30 08 Oct 2004

CPU may slighly slow down however pretty sure there would be a ratio selector in the bios if not the cpu will run a little slower it wont damage it and it would be faster than your celeron

  GlynH 16:38 08 Oct 2004

Cheers for that. I'll try installing it later this weekend. I would hope it would be faster than the Celeron even with PC2100 Ram ;)

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