p4 2.53 to 3.2

  polish 22:32 01 Jan 2005

would i see any real difference to upgrade from 2.53 p4 to p4 prescott 3.2 would appreciate any input

  vitrocmax 22:55 01 Jan 2005

Apart from more heat from the Prescott and resulting noise from the cooling fan, I doubt you would find huge improvements just by changing the processor. If you are getting it for nothing, OK but otherwise spend elsewhere...

You don't mention what else is in the system you have with the 2.53 or what you use the PC for, which would help to determine the best advice.

  CurlyWhirly 22:59 01 Jan 2005

In my opinion, 64 bit is the way to go now as it is future-proof.

  ton 23:18 01 Jan 2005

Future proof ?? Nothing on a PC is future proof (in my opinion).

As for upgrading CPU from 2.53 to 3.2, I doubt very much if you would notice the difference.

  ste_bla 23:19 01 Jan 2005

Remember there are 64 bit PE and AMD's now..

first off 64 bit is the way to go is rubbish, 64 bit actually slows the pc down as longer commands as they are 64 bit, if you mean an amd 64 sure a amd 64 is currently the way to go for gaming BUT not encoding P4 rule the roost when it come to that..

Now back to the subject in hand;

the old CPU has a FSB of 533 where as the new one is 800 as well as the extra 800 mhz will make a fiar difference.

How ever depending on what you use the PC for you may not notice it, also you may need a new motherboard to supprot 800 fsb and if yours does its doubtful a presscot(name of the cpu cores) would work in it therefore a lot of searching for a northwood which is v hard to find.

For the cost/performance it is very doubtful it would be a worthwhile upgrade esp if new mobo unless you gettin a v cheap cpu or you can find a buyer for the old one.

PS if you dont want to sell the old one i would be happy to dicuss a possible purchase ([email protected])

  Completealias 00:55 02 Jan 2005

Pound 4 pound if your looking for system improvement a RAM upgrade is by far your best bet

  polish 18:16 02 Jan 2005

thanks for replies everybody my motherboard supports prescot cpu i have xfx 5700 graphics i have 768 ram and the computer does everthing from games half life 2 etc to photos office work and internet and wondered if the above upgrade was worth it

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