p;3 or Kate B. A squared

  wehatespurs 09:37 16 May 2007

Thanks for your help.
One Question though which A squared free download
are you advising me on, as there are several.

  spuds 13:09 16 May 2007

a-squared Free 2.1 perhaps click here

  [email protected] 14:44 16 May 2007

it's a very good program but may report false positives, i had it on a compaq pc some time ago, it thought 3 games downloaders and the hp auto updater were trojans.
it has a data base so if it finds anything check the database, i removed everything it found and had to reinstall quite a bit!

  keef66 15:37 16 May 2007

are you perchance a gooner?

  birdface 18:30 16 May 2007

Spuds one ,There are not many better free ones than A Squared,Everyone has there own favorites,I keep A Squared as a stand-by ,And only use it about twice a month,

  Kate B 19:46 16 May 2007

A Squared is good at sniffing out Trojans - worth scanning with it once a month or so.

  TheJam 19:59 16 May 2007

another useful one...
it has picked up trojans a2 has missed b4 on my machine
click here

  wehatespurs 06:47 17 May 2007

keef66. Yes I am.

  p;3 19:03 17 May 2007

click here
and the exe is

click here

but;you need to be aware that it can pick up what are know as 'false positives' so it helps to know what is on your comp

you ought to update it regularly then run on a full deep scan;

sperantispyware is a brilliant other scanner too

if you run either, especially the a squared program and are in doubt about ANY of the results; ASK!!!!!!!

it is well-known that no one scanner will pick up everything , so a good combination is the better option ; what Av program do you have on board?

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