p2p users be aware of this,and the double stadards

  frankie 21:02 09 Feb 2006

found this on here today,so if you swop music etc be aware,click here but i still find the double standards of sony etc,selling the devices to copy the films and music,sure it is illegal to copy all but a back up and not sell or swop,but surely selling the devices say,s oh well its ok really,

  Totally-braindead 21:06 09 Feb 2006

frankie in this country, the UK, it is even illegal to make a backup.

  frankie 21:09 09 Feb 2006

really thought that was ok here,i,m learning thanks for that

  Totally-braindead 21:13 09 Feb 2006

Its been discussed in this Forum more times than I can to remember and some people get very angry about it insisting that it isn't illegal, it is, the US I believe is different, my understanding is they are allowed to make one backup copy. This is not the case in the UK.

  007al 21:24 09 Feb 2006

Its never made sense to me...you can buy a CD which is published by Sony,put it in Sony pc,rip it to hard drive,and put it on a Sony mp3 player.Youve copied it twice by the time you`re listening to it on your mp3 player.If you buy and download a program online,can you burn it to disc?

  frankie 21:40 09 Feb 2006

crazy,no wonder new users confused,ironically it will be sods law the new users will get dragged to court while the out and out downloaders will continue on there merry way,where as if the top companies sony,etc say this is a no no,now then every one knows where they stand.please note not picking on sony,just they got my skin up by putting spyware in there products and they still sell the copy hardware,

  Ikelos 22:02 09 Feb 2006

I expect as soon as the watermarking comes out it will be followed by the software to overcome it.

  frankie 22:05 09 Feb 2006

will that be before our children end up in court?surely they should now put the warnings on records etc.as mostly we are honest are we not

  Ikelos 22:10 09 Feb 2006

we are, but putting the warning on the records would not help, the kids would not see it on the downloads, bless the little hearts

  frankie 22:13 09 Feb 2006

hmmm.see your point

  Mytob 22:19 09 Feb 2006

one small point about backup software laws. iv noticed at pc fairs there are litraly about 10-15 companys selling blaintly pirated software to the public and profiting from it. im asuming it is being sold as "BACKUP" software. if this is the case then how come the police dont do a raid on these places and sew therm into next year?

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