Proxy Worm 17:15 17 Nov 2003

As recommended by a friend he told me to get a P2P programme, eg kazaa, imesh, winmx. I was wandering arent there like fines if you get caught downloading or is this information not true. If you dont get fined then i am going to start downloading via imesh.

Who uses P2P and are there any fines or not?

A very confused Bally!

  VoG II 17:24 17 Nov 2003

The chances of getting fined are pretty remote.

The chances of getting spyware and other parasites, viruses and trojans are very high.

  Proxy Worm 17:27 17 Nov 2003

Well i know many peopkle that use it, they have never had problems. I might start as i have ad-aware, A/V- the works lol unless someon can persuade me not to! lol

  Salinger 17:32 17 Nov 2003

We look forward to seeing your first plea for help, NOT.

  Proxy Worm 17:35 17 Nov 2003

So you say its not a good idea then? I know quite a few people use it in this forum!

  Buachail Mór 17:40 17 Nov 2003

click here for some info.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:41 17 Nov 2003

There is nothing wrong in downloading non-copyright material......most of the offerings on P2Ps are copyright.

The RIAA in the States have started proceedings against excessive users and there have been cases in one or two of the Nordic countries.

All downloads are recorded from the date, time, user details and IP address; this info is accessible by the authiorities. in theory it is easy to put a name to the download even if a false signing in name is used. When you are downloading you open a port that can be easily accessed by ANY scripts. A firewall and AV are not much use as you have, in effect, given electronic permission to enter.


  Kate B 17:42 17 Nov 2003

Go for Kazaa Lite and make sure you run something like Ad-aware after you've installed it, and make very sure you keep your virus definitions and firewall up to date. If you take precautions there's no reason to shun it (apart from moral ones, of course ... those poor darling music industry fat cats...)

  Salinger 17:44 17 Nov 2003

'bout time for a lockdown, methinks.

  jimv7 17:45 17 Nov 2003

As VoG has said chances are pretty high of getting a virus or other nasties.

The customers computer that I was working on today had 25,292 infected files by various virus's and trojan's, all removed by avg fortunately, 6,592 infected files removed by ad=aware, 314 infected files removed by spybot, all because kazaa was installed.

I won't mention which anti-virus was installed and let all these through.

Make your own mind up.

  Proxy Worm 17:47 17 Nov 2003

I agree with Kate B, i probably get Kazaaa lite? Any other thought?

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