P1 to sell

  Proxy Worm 15:49 24 Nov 2003

I have a old Pentium one to sell with loads of extras. Has anyone got any ideads to where i can try to sell it eg. any iste.

Regards Bally

  Lozzy 15:51 24 Nov 2003

Try Ebay

  Lozzy 15:52 24 Nov 2003

I can't see that you will get many takers for a P1 why not give it to a charity.

  Proxy Worm 15:59 24 Nov 2003

Might actually! But some people mighht need it for just mucking about or surfing the net for a while.

  Xevious 16:00 24 Nov 2003

they make great doorstops, you know!

  bananaslik 16:31 24 Nov 2003

have you tried the british museum,i'm sure the kids would love to see an old relic

  spikeychris 16:40 24 Nov 2003

You going to throw in a bag of coal to run it?

  Earl Of Sabden 16:43 24 Nov 2003

Don't listen to them Proxy Worm.... nasty people... but a good laugh!

  AndySD 16:48 24 Nov 2003

Hey I remember looking at the P1 and thinking ..I am going to save up and get one of those....

I have to agree with Lozzy eBay

  Proxy Worm 18:36 24 Nov 2003

Really funny guys! Really guys i am just crying with laughter! LOL

  soy 19:15 24 Nov 2003

Loot, local newpaper, shop advertising window, Sunday market..

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