P C Loud on start up

  smokinbaby 08:23 01 Feb 2003

Can anyone tell me why my PC seems to be very noisey on start up?

It is also quiet loud while running although not as bad as the start up, i'm sure it was not so loud until recently

  Forum Editor 08:36 01 Feb 2003

a fan that's sounding a warning. Fans with faulty bearings will often complain loudly when first started - then settle down somewhat as the bearing warms and the rotation speed 'settles' the vibration. The best way to check is to remove the case and listen closely - you'll be able to tell which fan is the culprit.

Don't ignore this symptom - if it's the processor fan that's failing you must replace it immediately.

An alternative cause could be a failing hard drive spindle, although this is a less likely scenario. Once again you stand a better chance of detecting whether this is the problem if the case is off.

  Andsome 08:39 01 Feb 2003

I know very little about inside the box, and keep my clumsy fingers out. However if this is of any asistance, my old machine also started to get quite noisy, with the noise fading somewhat after a time. The solution was found to be a worn fan, and a new one soved the problem. I feel that you will be asked by the techies on the site WHAT SORT OF NOISE? Is it a disc type noise, a humming noise, a whirring noise or what? If it is not the sort of noise which could be caused by a worn fan, I suggest that you give more info, so that the clever boys and girls can help.

  AMD 4 ever 09:25 01 Feb 2003

Is it a clicking noise? or a humming noise? Can you feel the case for vibrations?
If you take the side off then you can better determine where the source is from.
At a stab in the dark without further info, I would say the heatsink n fan bearing has gone.
remedy is to replace fan. Yo could try n give it a clean sometimes dust can cause funny noises in fans!

  Forum Editor 10:10 01 Feb 2003

Has emailed me following my first response, and I'm sure he/she will not mind if I paste the content of the mail here:-

"Im worried now as i'm a novice at this game,
Can it damage my PC if i continue to use it?
also is this a easy job or do i need a pc engineer?
The PC is ,can this sort of thing happen on PC this age,(it is used every day and for long periods)"

My reaction to that is as follows:

1. Damage can certainly occur if the problem is a failing processor fan - the fan may suddenly stop working, and the processor will overheat. This (the overheating) will occur very rapidly if you happen to be working on the machine at the time. If the main cooling fan (the one in the Power Supply Unit) fails the consequences will be just as serious.

2. Checking which fan (if indeed it is a fan) is the culprit is fairly easy. You should remove the case with the computer off, and then start it. Listen (and look) very carefully to see if you can pinpoint the source of the noise. DO NOT touch anything inside the case when the machine is running. Once you have found the cause, the cure may be quite simple, and we can talk you through it here. In view of your admitted novice status I don't advise you to do anything about replacing a fan without referring back to this thread for more advice. You can do it, but you'll need to be helped through the procedure.

3. You say that the machine is "..only about 1 year old" - is it possible that it's still under warranty? If it is, I suggest that you contact the manufacturer and arrange for an onsite visit (if you have that type of warranty), or arrange to return the computer for inspection or repair.

In any event, come back here for further help as and when you need it, no matter how elementary your questions - that's what we're here for.

  Forum Editor 10:12 01 Feb 2003

I inadvertantly cut the line

"..only about 1 year old"

from smokinbaby's original email text. It should appear immediately after "The PC is.."

  Pesala 10:21 01 Feb 2003

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  smokinbaby 13:51 02 Feb 2003

I have been having this problem for a few day's, but on start up today the noise (a whirring sound) seems to be less than it was,and was gone by the time my PC had loaded the auotomatic start software.
Is this liable to be the case if it is one of the fans?

As i'm a complete novice in computing i will leave things alone for the time being,if i need any more help i will be in touch.

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