Owners of 2500+ Barton's

  pcwhizz 21:33 17 Apr 2004

I just have overclocked my 2500+ baron to a 3200+ with one setting chnage and the temperature and system is stable.


My advice if u want to overclock this processor do it. There are good results to gain.

Just thought u may want to know

All the Best


  fuzzyone 21:36 17 Apr 2004


Wouldn't recommend this to anyone, though, if you are doing so, make sure you have a stable power supply and, plenty cooling inside your case.

  Djohn 21:39 17 Apr 2004

This only applies to some model numbers of the 2500.

AMD were in short supply of 2500 CPU's so clocked down 3500's and sold them as 2500. Try this with the wrong model number and all you will see is smoke! :o(

  pcwhizz 18:30 20 Apr 2004

Mine was one of the lucky model numbers.

so anyone tryin this please check it out first

sorry, i gave not enough warnings.

please ensure u have adaquit cooling



  Totally-braindead 18:35 20 Apr 2004

Thanks for the posting but my PC is more than fast enough for me at the moment and I'm not going to risk overclocking.

  carver 20:05 20 Apr 2004

I have the 2500+Barton clocked to 3200 and it runs as smooth as silk, no temp problems, runs at 48c on idle up to 55c max playing games. Best £60 I've spent.

  Rayuk 20:46 20 Apr 2004

I think this applies to most if not all the 2500+Bartons the drawback is sometimes your motherboard or ram.

The latest Bartons are multiplier locked and the 2500 at 11x is the best for oclocking straight to 200fsb[In small increments testing as you go]

Cannot see how they sold 3500 as 2500 as there is no such cpu.

  -Beb- 20:59 20 Apr 2004

Think he meant 3200, just a typo.

You need to have DDR400 ram (pc3200) so that the memory and processor FSB run in a 1:1 ratio to give best peformance

  Djohn 22:19 20 Apr 2004

Yes, it was just a typo regarding the 3500. But the correctness of the story can be checked at several site's forums such a overclockers UK also the register if you go back far enough and Tomshardware.

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