OWC products in the UK??

  primemeat64 20:11 19 Apr 2008

Hi Guys / Gals,

Does anybody know where / how I could get OWC products in the UK? Specifically external drives / enclosures....

Thanks in advance!


  MAT ALAN 21:11 19 Apr 2008

Stateside only, so you will have to buy from there...

  primemeat64 21:18 19 Apr 2008

Will I have to pay import duty and / or UK VAT on top of the prices I see on your site or is that included in the price? (i've never really known about buying stuff from America...)

Are ALL OWC External HDD's, HDD enclosures, RAID units etc FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH MAC (leopard in particular) and ARE THEY BOOTABLE FROM FIREWIRE / eSATA / USB? - I plan to create a SuperDuper! clone of my MacBook Pro's internal drive and use it to boot from in case my internal drive fails...

  primemeat64 21:19 19 Apr 2008

Thanks for the response by the way!

  MAT ALAN 21:22 19 Apr 2008

click here

Why but from the states, there are dedicated site for Mac this side of the pond...

  primemeat64 21:27 19 Apr 2008

Because I need an external HDD or (preferably) an enclosure from a manufacturer who's range has historically been 100% with Mac's - and also knows how to implement the oxford chipset properly - I need 100% reliability for my data and I need to be 100% sure that I can boot from my clone... I've heard GREAT things about OWC hence me wanting to get hold of their stuff.... (I'm open to suggestions though!)

Thanks for that link- I appreciate it (and don't mean to sound ungrateful!) - but the unbranded stuff there scares the hell outta me (see above)... especially as I can't view any information about the (extremely limited range of) devices

  MAT ALAN 21:46 19 Apr 2008

fully understand my friend, but i fear you will still have to source your hardware from the states, probably work out cheaper as well..

  primemeat64 21:51 19 Apr 2008

Thanks again!

"fully understand my friend, but i fear you will still have to source your hardware from the states, probably work out cheaper as well.."

- Erm, I don't understand sorry! - Do you mean it will work out cheaper for me to source from the states?

- do you know anything about the import duty / vat thing when buying from the states?

  MAT ALAN 21:55 19 Apr 2008

click here

there is a contact phone number on here give em a ring they may be able to source what your looking for...

  MAT ALAN 22:00 19 Apr 2008

text taken for link, email them and ask what you would expect to pay...

click here

For all shipments outside of the United States, any Duties, Taxes, and/or Brokerage Fees are the responsibility of the billed to party and these fees where applicable may be paid at the time of delivery or will be billed by OWC after delivery.

  primemeat64 22:16 19 Apr 2008

Thanks for your reply mate.

I called apple, they were useless.

Thanks for trawling about and finding that quote for me... I guess I should just order from them and add 17.5% in my head and keep that aside "just in case"...

I'm basically torn between getting two of those OWC enclosures and two HD103UJ (samsung 1TB HDD) - OR getting a Lacie 2Big Triple 2TB and running it as a RAID mirror... the guy behind SuperDuper! absolutely swears by that model of lacie...

I'm just concerned about having both my disks in one enclosure - I know if there's a standard drive failure that I'll be fine BUT what if the enclosure was dropped, had a power spike or similar - I could potentially lose all my data, no?

Any advice on whether it's better to go with either of those options?

Just realised I'm posting about a mac on a pc forum. ooops.

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