Overweight Windows? Pt 2

  johndrew 15:02 25 Feb 2006

I shouldn`t have shut the last thread on this subject down before I had taken all advice and recommendations on board and applied them.

advised the use of regscrubxp. I dutifully downloaded it and tried to use it but having identified 181 problems it kept hanging as I tried to fix them. Eventually I reverted to Safe Mode and even there I could only take out a few at a time. All done now though. I did make backups of the Registry as advised in the helpfile) prior to starting.
Having done the above I defragged the drive; it now has more blue than red in it!!

suggested that I do a full AV and malware scan whilst System Restore was off. This I also did but found no `nasties`.

Thanks again all. I`ll leave this open for a couple of days this time.

  Forum Editor 16:48 25 Feb 2006

nobody (including me) will know what on earth you're talking about, unless you include a link to your previous thread, which may well have slipped off the front page of the section you're in.

This is one of the reasons why we don't like these 'part 2' type threads - far better to add comments to your previous thread, even if you have already ticked it.

Alternatively, post a completely new thread, and explain to people (briefly) what the history is.

  johndrew 12:10 26 Feb 2006

Sorry FE its one of the joys of being a `learner`. I apologies for my oversight but am glad that there is someone to point out the error of my ways. I try not to leave threads open for excessive periods but it appears I could afford to leave them open longer.

Thanks for puting the link in for me.

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