Overloaded PSU or Graphics card fault???

  Antz 22:41 02 Mar 2006

I have just installed a new geforce 6600 256 MB RAM AGP graphics card. The graphics are quite poor, frame rates are slower and image quality is poorer than the fx5500 it has replaced. I cannot decide if this is a problem with the card ( it has a fan and requires adittional connection to the PSU ) or the power supply. I have a 300watt PSU which is possibly not up to the task. I would have expected system instability as opposed to poor graphics performance if the PSU was over-burdened. Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P
3.06 P4
160 and 40 GB HDD
2 X DVD-/+R/RW Burners ( Liteon and NEC )
Creative 7.1 sound card.
Phillips PCI T.V card.

  Stuartli 00:06 03 Mar 2006

About nine months ago I installed a basic GeForceFX 5200 nVidia chipset graphics card and found out, after reading the manual, that it needed at least a 300w PSU and preferably 350w.

At the time my six-year-old Enermax PSU was delivering not 235w as I thought, but just 100w...:-(

It coped, as a quality unit will do, with the demands placed on it, but I took the obvious step.

It looks therefore, especially as you have a TV card as in my case, that a more powerful PSU is required - I had to buy a 500w unit...:-)

  Gongoozler 09:42 03 Mar 2006

300W is low for that spec. Have a look here for an estimate of your computer's power needs click here

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