overheating problem

  sopwith 11:06 07 Jul 2005

amd 2.8xp on msi k7nt delta
geforce 5600xt graphics
am having terricle problems with overheating
i dont think its cpu as last night o left the machine on by mistake temp only got to 70
however when i use graphics via the above card the system goes up to 80 then freezes.
ive searched the archives and found some ideas ie remove unness usbs to no avail.
any other ideas please as its interrupting my great passion for pc flying and golf

  gudgulf 13:11 07 Jul 2005

Open the case and check for a build up of dust around the case vents/heatsinks and fans.With the pc powered up check that your cpu/graphics card and psu fans are running and check that the internal wiring of the pc is not blocking air passage from the front lower vents to the rest of the pc.on the outside of the case make sure that nothing is obstructing the warm air flow from the back of the pc of from etering the front/side air vents.See how you go on after that.

  woodchip 13:45 07 Jul 2005

You need a better CPU fan. One that cools the CPU as it should AMD's run hot

  sopwith 11:32 08 Jul 2005

have checked and cleaned as suggested but to no avail cpu fan is as recommended by amd and was bought as package with cpu.
any further help please

  woodchip 11:37 08 Jul 2005

CPU is too hot, did you put paste between cpu and heatsink

  Jdoki 12:18 08 Jul 2005

Woodchip - AMD's run a lot cooler than the equivalent Intels! :)

Sopwith - Your CPU is running pretty hot - is 70degrees at idle or running processes(such as SETI or [email protected])? I believe your problem lies in the video card, when stressed raising the ambient temp of the case - the Geforce 5 series have always run quite hot, this is having the knock on effect of raising your CPU temp passed cut off limit.

I guess if you bought a retail pack for your AMD chip it came with the factory heatsink and fan - in which case the heatsink will have been primed with heat transfer material anyway. Stock heatsinks are not the best, but even if you replaced it with something better I doubt you'd see massive reduction in temps, as every time you stressed the video card it will raise ambient temp too much - doesn't matter how great your heatsink/fan is, if the hot air can not escape then it just compunds the problem.

To begin with try and improve airflow through the case, especially the exhaust side of things.
How many fans and what size are they in your case?

Also have you measured your video card temps? If you don't have the option in the Nvidia driver you can download Coolbits 2 (from click here). It's a small registry update which unlocks new features in Nvidia drivers - one of which is a temp monitor.

Does running your PC with the case sides off dramatically lower the temps?

  woodchip 12:23 08 Jul 2005

CPU ideally not over 50c

  Belatucadrus 17:36 08 Jul 2005

If the Fan block came with a thermal pad, was the protective film/label removed before the block was secured ?

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