overheating laptop

  Eddie 2425 20:35 15 Jun 2011

I use my laptop on a desk normally,have used it on my lap, recently I have noticed it getting very hot both on the desk and on the lap, so hot that I cant keep it on my lap, the fans are extremely noisy when this happens obviously working overtime, whats at fault please the fan? or something else Eddie

  wee eddie 20:43 15 Jun 2011

Probably fluff in the air ducts and adhering to the fan blades.

  Eddie 2425 20:51 15 Jun 2011

sorry wee eddie but surely if the fan is going it shouldn't overheat, can understand about fluff stopping the fan altogether, but its still going Eddie

  wee eddie 20:56 15 Jun 2011

Fluff can block the passage of air over the cooling fins, it also sticks to the leading edge of the Fan's Blades causing it to work harder in order to shift the same volume of air.

  Eddie 2425 21:01 15 Jun 2011

ok thanks wee eddie will have a look inside tomorrow, even at this time the fan is going and the base is hot even though I have the laptop set on a stand Eddie

  woodchip 22:00 15 Jun 2011

The muck will be all round the Heat Exchanger that is connected to the CPU, you will be surprised how much grease is in the air that caries the fluff as we call it. And only way to remove it is to take it apart to some extent. you may get away with the taking the part under the screen out plus loosen keyboard to get at it. after removing the Fluff use something to clear the grease then let it dry cotton buds with Turpentine or something in that order. do not over wet it

  Eddie 2425 19:16 16 Jun 2011

UPDATE well got up today and there were 19 updates from microsoft so downloaded them and left it to it, come back later all doneswitched off removed mains and removed battery, removed all the screws about 15 or so, couldn't get the base cover of, and didn't wan't to force it, so what next? I know get the reciept out had a sneaky feeling it might be less than a year, still under warranty, so put all the screws back, started the pc and it came up with fan not working windows will shut down in 15 seconds, tried again and still the same. The laptop is now back in the shop for repair, I just hope my warranty is not void by removing screws. Will keep you informed, any feedback or comments please Eddie

  woodchip 22:28 16 Jun 2011

I think you will find you start at the top with screen then may be a plate just above the Keyboard that slides to one side so you can take the keyboard out. you should not need more than that.

what make and model the laptop

  Eddie 2425 08:47 17 Jun 2011

Hi woodchip the laptop is hewlett packard model G62AO4SA cheers Eddie

  woodchip 10:08 17 Jun 2011

Been looking on the net for a service manual but cannot find nothing on how to get inside yours. I have a HP 510 Laptop.

  Eddie 2425 13:34 17 Jun 2011

hi woodchip I did look but all i can find is refurbished units, looked on utube found variations of how to do fan replacements etc. Having looked at some of these videos I dont think I went far enough, I couldn't split the base, maybe a bit more pressure, but we will wait and see what pcworld say cheers Eddie

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