Overheating issue . it exceeds 100 degree C.

  ShinzuuSama 10:17 19 Mar 2018

Can any one provide me a solution ?

im running a dell e7240 , core i5 4130u with 4 gb ram . But the problem started back a while ago . i had been play BS for like straight 7 hours and the i started to smell something funny . at that time , i restarted the system and that time the cooling fan didn't worked . so , i flashed the bios and it started working . but the overheating problem is still in . just after a few sec i start the system , it exceeds 65 degrees . it stays around 80 degree to watch a youtube video at 1080 . it may be the motherboard that causing the problem , cause i can hear a little shorting sound from it but not sure .

do you think re pasting thermal paste will do the job or will have to change the motherboard itself .

i've been doing a lot research here and there but didn't find any solid solution to this .

  wee eddie 11:11 19 Mar 2018

Open it up and clean it out, particularly between the fins of the Heat-sinks.

Make sure that your airflow is unimpeded.

If you are using it on your knee or on a fabric surface, see above

  Forum Editor 12:55 19 Mar 2018

Have you had this machine since new? It will be around five years old now, and if there's an accumulation of dust/fluff inside, overheating can rapidly occur.

Open it and clean it, as wee eddie suggests and see how it goes.

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