Overheating + Dying Laptop

  kyleread1 14:35 10 Jan 2006

Over the last couple of months, my Acer Aspire 1622LM has been acting up. If i even dare to run a program that demands a decent amount of RAM it overheats within minutes and shuts off.
Before this had never been a proble, and it has just gone out of warranty (always the way)
There is no error, virus or anything else, it is purely because it overheats, no matter where i put it, it will overheat and shut off. This is particularly useless when im writing coursework for my degree, i just CANT trust it!!

I used to be able to run several highly demanding programs without the computer showing any sign of overheating or stress.

Any ideas? I'm a poor student and i desperately need this laptop to work properly.


  Chegs ®™ 14:43 10 Jan 2006

If its out of warranty and your desperate enough then see if you can find a way to open it up and clean-out dust dirt and see if the fan(s) are free-turning.

  kyleread1 14:57 10 Jan 2006

I suppose i could, although i AM somewhat reluctant to do that because im not 100% sure what im doing, no all that experienced with Laptops

  961 15:07 10 Jan 2006

Before you try opening it up try a soft furnishing brush on the end of a Dyson vacuum to clean all the ventilation slots

Keep the vacuum motor well away from the laptop

Check that your laptop battery has not gone the way of the parrot

  kyleread1 15:10 10 Jan 2006

Thanks, i'll try the brush.
However it overheats with, or without the battery in.

  EARLR 15:46 10 Jan 2006

they are avalible from amazon.com

  Belatucadrus 16:46 10 Jan 2006
  kyleread1 16:54 10 Jan 2006

EARLR - Thanks a lot, looks really good, could be excactly what i need.

Belatucadrus - Thanks for the link

  Mytob 18:20 10 Jan 2006

One point. You should not need this to operate you laptop! If the laptop was working fine it would not be over heating. The point im trying to make is try to solve the problem not just get a quick fix for it because in the end you will probable do more damage not getting it sorted. Heat is very damaging to electronics and just because the cpu is overheat protected dont mean that other components are. You could be spending more on reparis of other parts than getting the heat solved.

  kyleread1 18:41 10 Jan 2006

Mytob, good thoughts, and tbh exactly what i was thinking, but it is a good short term solution. I'll have my laptop professionally looked at when i have the time not to have my laptop, but first and foremost comes my degree and 3 x 3,000 word essays dont magic themselves up without a word processor.

Therefore i'd still appreciate suggestions on a solution to the core problem, IF anyone has one that is.

  Mytob 18:54 10 Jan 2006

All i can suggest to cut down on heat is cut out you hd. You can still run a os without you hd in. As hd produce so much heat this may help. Try one of the many linux live cd's out there with openoffice on them. I think Suse has it on the live dvd click here and knoppix does click here . You will need a pendrive to save your work onto and open office is compatible with M$ word docs aswell. Give it a go if you can. Its fairly easy to use and works entirely out of ram.

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