overheating cpu

  willod 08:17 03 Aug 2003

I have just fitted a L7S7A2 mobo. I have a problem booting and freezing on boot. XP2000 cpu seems to overheat although fan is working.
a XP1700 cpu runs ok in the machine and if I fit the XP2000 in another machine it runs ok but is reconised as 1254 not 2000.

I do not think this problem is due to the new mobo as I think the problem was already there. I would like to know if and why a cpu would overheat before I replace it.

  Forum Editor 11:14 03 Aug 2003

if it isn't properly cooled, and one of the most common causes of an overheating CPU is that the heatsink isn't seated correctly over the chip - added to which, many people use far too much thermal paste, and this can have exactly the opposite effect to that intended.

Make sure that you have seated the heatsink properly, and if you use thermal paste, ensure that there's only a thin layer between heatsink and chip. Check that the fan is running properly, and that there is no chance of the rotor fouling a cable as you close the case.

The reason that the CPU is recognised differently in the other machine is that the motherboard's Bus speed is wrongly set for that processor.

Are you sure the problem is caused by overheating - how do you know this?

  pinka 12:13 03 Aug 2003

i had the same problem , it was down to as forum editor said too much th paste , before i put the heatsink on i smoothed off the paste and thought there was just enough but when i removed again the paste had spread over 50% off the processor , so i gently wiped off the paste and had no problems since

  Paranoid Android 12:51 03 Aug 2003

FYI - "thin" layer = an even coating about the same thickness as a sheet of paper.


  willod 18:29 04 Aug 2003

ok...hands up I had the heatsink and fan on the wrong way.

Its not as if I did not know that it could be fitted back to front.

It works fine now.

Yes I do feel suitably embarrassed

Thanks everybody

  Djohn 18:47 04 Aug 2003

Very brave of you to own up! but we've all been there. :o)

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