charlie12 15:51 29 Apr 2005

hi guys i have amd semoporn 2200 cpu can one you tell me the correct/optimun running temp amd say it can be as high as 90c i think this to high what say you guys

  Pooke100 16:14 29 Apr 2005

what's yours running at?

Warnings usually sound at about 70 degrees accroding to my mobo software, but I'm using an athlon XP 3200+ and it's never gone past 42 degrees. Err I'm guessing if AMD says that about upto 90c, then maybe, remember they made the chips they should know.

PS: I like your apelling of "sempron" :p

  Pooke100 16:15 29 Apr 2005


  charlie12 16:19 29 Apr 2005

hi pooke 100 its running at 70c? sorry at spelling fat fingers

  Joe R 17:40 29 Apr 2005


I have an AMD64 3200, and my cpu temp is normally 35-36 degrees, and hits a high of about 45-46 degrees under load.

You could try taking off your heatsink and fan, giving both the heatsink and Cpu a clean, and try to use a good thermal paste, before replacing.

The temps you are getting, do seem to be a bit high, but not critical.

  charlie12 17:53 29 Apr 2005

thing is im trying to install a complete new system into a desktop case. do you think the processors are to powerful for the cooling fan to work in this enviroment.

  Joe R 18:07 29 Apr 2005


I don't think that the CPU should run much hotter in a desktop case, unless, there is very little room above the heatsink and fan, and the hot air is bouncing back onto this.

Desktop cases are more likely to have the system temps hotter than normal.

  charlie12 18:30 29 Apr 2005

hi jo. i have about 2" of free space and added ventilation holes above. stuck in an extra fan on side. to blow air out. but start up temp is 70c as soon as the lid goes on creeps up to 80c whilst idle.

  charlie12 18:33 29 Apr 2005

oh and by the by air coming from the cpu fan is cool!

  Joe R 19:01 29 Apr 2005


It looks like you will have to try and give it a clean, and add a good thermal paste, or if that doesn't work, get a new heatsink and fan.

Thiss is not an expensive item. click here

  charlie12 19:51 29 Apr 2005

hi. tis new came as a complete package with
rz seies motherboard thermal paste is what is used in boilers.should i try something eles

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