Overflow error message Garden Companion on XP

  CLONNEN 20:10 03 Nov 2004

I am having a problem running Garden Companion on Windows XP. Every time I click on the program's Start icon the welcome screen appears but I cannot get into the program because a little grey box pops up saying "Overflow" and an OK button. If I click the OK button the program disappears and I end up back at the desktop.

I have already tried turning off firewall and antivirus software and I have restarted my computer several times.

I know the software is compatible with XP because I know someone else who uses it on their XP system.

Any ideas what might be causing this error to appear.

  matt1234 20:19 03 Nov 2004

my mates dad has this program and my pheroy is its not compadible with xp sp2 or xp its self!

  CLONNEN 20:30 03 Nov 2004

It's working fine on my friend's XP computer. Can access all areas of the program.

It's only my computer that gets the error message so surely it must be something which is on my machine and nothing to do with the actual software cdrom itself.

I'm wondering if it's anything to do with Runtime files. One of the files in the Garden Companion folder is called VBRUN300.DLL

I know my friend has ALL the Runtime files from versions 2,3,4,5 and 6 on her machine. Could this be what I need?

  CLONNEN 21:09 03 Nov 2004

Any suggestions at all would be welcome

  matt1234 21:40 03 Nov 2004

yeh probaly as the origanal peices are probaly needed to run it and if u compare pc specs see what you have and what she has. because so older/newer parts may run better

  CLONNEN 17:50 06 Nov 2004

I suspect that the Garden Companion software stops working when Service Pack 2 is installed on XP.

If I uninstall SP2 will it work?

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