Overcloking, what is it?

  gorgon 23:50 08 Mar 2008

I have a 4 year-old computer with W2k and DDR 2100MB/s

The advanced chipset features in the BIOS offers a choice of four different FSB namely: 100,133,166, and 200 MHz.

If I were to tick and save the 200MHz option to replace the current 133 MHz and change the DDR to3200 MB/s, would I be overcloking?

Is there any reason why I should not upgrade this machine in this simple manner?

PS: the processor is an AMD Athlon XP 2000

  brundle 00:16 09 Mar 2008

Yes but it wouldn't work as your memory isn't fast enough.

  gorgon 00:39 09 Mar 2008

Thank you for your reply.

Changing the FBS to 200 MHz and memory to 3200 MB/s ?

Changing FBS to 133 MHz and DDR to 2700 MB/s?

The offer is tempting and it looks harmless, but I speak as someone who is ignorant on this matter.

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