overclocking settings warning

  Caine57 23:16 26 May 2010

after a number of blue screens and restarts the other day (which I don't normally get) I got a message at start up, before windows, telling me that my over-clocking settings weren't right and to press a key to correct them, the alternative was to press f2 to go to default, which I did. I have never tampered with such settings. I now get a new splash screen in place of American megatrends and it now reboots OK. But why? and what has changed? I had a fan running high speed as well that day! Is this a sign that something is failing?
I run a Mesh Elite 630 Intel® Pentium® 4 - 630 (3.0GHz,2MB Cache) with HT Tech. Windows® XP 1024MB DDR400 Memory - 200GB Serial ATA Hard Drive

  gengiscant 11:31 27 May 2010

You can get rid of the splash screen by going into the bios, it has appeared because you have reset all the bios settings to the default option.

As to why you got the original error is a mystery.
I have had the error but I overclock my CPU and RAM. The fan running at high speed, which one was it? it may be nothing more than a build up of dust.
If your not frightened by opening the case, a soft brush and a Hoover will get rid of any dust build up.

  Caine57 11:54 27 May 2010

Thanks for that. I haven't opened the case but did clear a lot of debris from the grill and since then the fan speed has calmed down but will pluck up courage to open up for a complete clean. I can't tell which fan it was but it seems to be near the hard drive. One other thing that happened during the blue screen/resets was that on boot up it didn't detect the hard drive. I have discovered that turning off the power completely for 3 minutes or so and then re-booting seems to rectify this. But it was unsettling!

  Strawballs 12:16 27 May 2010

It could well be a build up of dust between the fins of the heat sink, really easy to rectify, just take off the side then touch tyhe metal casing somewhere to make sure you have no build up of static then remove the 4 screws that hold the fan on top of the heat sink and as suggested before a soft brush and hoover.

I use a makeup brush I stole off my daughter.

  gaucho. 13:22 27 May 2010

This usually occurs when the bios or the checksum encounters a problem. It could be the hard drive has not spun up fast enough or a delay in the memory check but most likely is that stated above. Your cpu and psu fans could be clogged up with dust causing the cpu to overheat. You may find a setting in the bios that will shut down the system if the cpu reaches a certain temperature or heatsink fan fails to kick in.

Check that SMART is enabled in the bios if it is a hard drive problem.

Usually a good clean of the fans does the trick. If you still get the blue screens after a clean. Write down the codes and post them here.

  Caine57 15:24 12 Jun 2010

after a couple of weeks I have had the same blue screen come up and the further difficulty in getting the computor to boot up (see my first posting, the same thing happened again). usually the trick is to switch of power and try after 5 mins. The blue screen gives this:
Kernel stack inpage error
0x00000077 (0xC000009D,0xC000009d,)x00000000,0X050DB000)
Can anyone help?

  gengiscant 15:46 12 Jun 2010

click here

But it also maybe a sign of a failing harddrive.

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