overclocking a P4?

  Mysticnas 13:26 16 Feb 2003


ok ok i'll admit i do read other mags as well as PCA. I read my new copy of computer shopper. It was just an article about what to buy etc...

It mentioned that the P4 with northwood core (?) is very overclockable.

Is this true? i have a P4 2.4Ghz 400FSB. I think it has a standard P4 heat sink and fan. All this sits on a Gigabyte GA-8IR533. Which is all neatly placed in a Chieftec case that is cooled by 6 case fans (2 front/1 side/3 rear. I have two fans on my AGP card, and the standard P4 heatsink and fan.

Anyway.... Is it worth my while to overclock my p4? will i get much of a performance boost? how much can i overclock it by?

  AMD_MAN23 13:38 16 Feb 2003

They can overclock very well, You could easily get that up to 3gig+, The way to do it is by raising the fsb in your bios, although i know the older gigabyte motherboard werent very overclockable, if you raise the fsb slowly of increments of 5 mhz then reboot into windows untill it becomes unstable then go back 5 mhz, you could also raise voltage slightly to stabalise the overclock, Overclocking will cause more heat so keep an eye on it.


  Mysticnas 09:59 19 Feb 2003

keep and eye on the temp? how do i check it?

and do you reccomend any decent heatsinks & fans for overclocking?

  Murray 12:09 18 Apr 2004


  Mysticnas 16:53 23 Apr 2004

hey mate...

over a year later, and my pc is clocked to just under a 3ghz...

My clocked temp is 35C. I have changed my motherboard to a GA-SINXP 1394 limited edition, as well as many other upgrades!

When it cam to cooling i went for a combo...

I took the fan of a Thermaltake Volcano 7+ (2500-6700rpm) variable speed. I stuck this on a coolermaster all copper, with heatpipe, heatsink.

  TomJerry 17:08 23 Apr 2004

mbm click here, speedfan click here

  -Beb- 17:28 23 Apr 2004

Ive got a coolermaster jet4 fan and on silent mode it doesnt get higher than 58degrees (3ghz not overclocked) theyre available from click here They also look really cool :)

  Mysticnas 17:54 23 Apr 2004

that if you're looking to overclock within a budget you'll need to get a good fan. What you need to look for in a fan is how much air it puts through (CFM) cubic-feet-minute.

Anyway.... if you have got a big budget, then invest in a water cooling system or even better one of those freezer systems! ;o)

  Xevious 17:57 23 Apr 2004

i've got one of these, and my system doesn't go higher that 45degs
(1800+ CPU running at 2200Ghz!!!)

click here

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