Overclocking - Is it worth it?

  funky_demon 11:45 18 Sep 2004

On my motherboard (ASUS a7v880) i have the option of overclocking by 10, 20 and 30%

What gains will i get from doing this, and what are the dangers that come with overclocking



  Simon_P 12:00 18 Sep 2004

If you dont need to over clock dont!

Pros minor performance increase

Cons posible system instability, overheating prosessor, possible processor damage.

  Noleg24 15:22 18 Sep 2004

You didnt mention what processor you had...if its Intel forget it cos they dont allow overclocking but if its AMD is it the AthlonXP 2500 Barton core? cos if it is you can overclock that one to run at 2.2GHz (same speed as the XP3200!!) I have an MSI Delta K7N2-ILSR motherboard and it allows overclocking and my CPU has been running at 2.2GHz since I bought it back in Jan 2004 and the temp is a very cool 40 degrees C! I certainly am not complaining but then again the case does house 5 LED fans!! so tell us the CPU make and model and what speed its currently at.

  funky_demon 19:09 18 Sep 2004

my current processor is

Athlon XP3200 Barton

Currently running at 2.2ghz

  Noleg24 19:25 18 Sep 2004

you cant overclock the 3200...thats the highest it can go to so far as I know...cos if the 2500 can go upto that speed why would you need to get 3200 and overclock that? honestly I wouldnt do it...it could go bad...like I said I have not met anyone who has overclocked the 3200...so I wouldnt do it..

  CurlyWhirly 19:26 18 Sep 2004

I think that because the XP 3200 Barton is AMD's highest performing 32 bit processor there is very little potential for overclocking as it is near the 'limit' already.
What I mean is that to go faster still AMD would have to use a smaller wafer size as the smaller the CPU circuitry the less heat produced and the faster the potential clock speed.
This they certainly won't do as they are promoting 64 bit processors and so to all intents and purposes the Athlon XP's days are numbered.
I use an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ so I can sympathise with you!

  funky_demon 21:04 18 Sep 2004

thanks all, for your feedback

i was curious as to what it was all about

but hey , my pc can run doom 3, so thats ok ! LOL

  [email protected] 16:43 14 Mar 2005

iv overclocked my 3200+barton and it sits at 2.4ghz! lovely 45 idle and about 53 at load. she loves it!

  CurlyWhirly 19:09 14 Mar 2005

Unusual to have your computer specs the SAME as your user name! LOL

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