Overclocking CPU Software

  leemgilbert 13:42 27 Oct 2003


I have a Trigem LP850 (Liverpool) Motherboard.
Currently P4 1.3Ghz.
Does anybody have this Emachine 720 PC?
I would like to upgrade the CPU which is a 423 Pin @ 400Mhz FSB and have been told that I cannot upgrade the CPU to a 2.4Ghz because it using different ammount of Pins?....im sure the old socket supported upto 2.4!

Does anybody know of any software which I can use to clock the CPU/FSB? as the Bios on my board is very basic and does not support clocking.

Thank you for your help.

  Allan-263226 14:05 27 Oct 2003

With Emachines PC you have limited BIOS. I have just upgraded my motherboard and changed CPU.

What speed does your motherboard run at the minute?
Have you visited the manafacturers website?

Personally I looked into Over Clocking but decided a new CPU would be a better choice

  Chegs ® 15:27 27 Oct 2003

OC of CPU is pointless as the maximum amount of increase is less than 2%(even with a good OC mobo)and the temp increase can often be disproportionate to the increased speed resulting in instability of the OS/hardware.I would simply change the mobo+cpu for a better spec instead.

  leemgilbert 16:24 27 Oct 2003

I can see you can get a 423 -> 478 pin conversion for £4.99 then could install a 2.4chip?

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