dcc69 00:43 09 Apr 2004

Would I be right in saying that to overclock my CPU I enter the BIOS and go to Miscellaneous Control and change the "host clock at next boot" and increase the MHz, if this is correct then how do I know when to stop and how do I know when it is on the best possible performance???

Also, what other things can I overclock, how and when do I know they are performing at their best??

  harps1h 00:56 09 Apr 2004

to give you help we would need more detail. what is your motherboard, cpu, ram and windows system

  hugh-265156 01:04 09 Apr 2004

because you are asking these questions i would tend to say leave it well alone untill you do some reading up on the subject.

do you have adaquate cooling in place to cope with the excess heat generated? you may also need to adjust voltages to get everything stable after adjusting fsb and or multiplier depending on the type of cpu.

making the fsb run faster also makes everything else run faster than spec ie/graphics card/pci cards etc and could cause problems.

have a google click here for "overclocking" and read read read. before trying this.

be careful.

  hugh-265156 01:08 09 Apr 2004


if into games and have a half decent graphics card try overclocking this first,there are lots of aps available to do this from within windows like rivatuner click here works with both ati and nvidia cards and this would be the safer option to start with instead of cpu if as above into games.

also if its an ati card you have check out the overclocking forums click here some good info can be found that will also apply to nvidia cards(i dont know any good sites for them sorry)

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