overclocking athlon 2100+ help plz

  whizza 21:48 21 Sep 2003

athlon 2100+
asus a7n8x deluxe mobo
512 333mhz ddr mem

current settings
fsb 133mhz x 13 = 1.73 ghz

i have a really gud heatsink and 2 fans

i want to overclock could some 1 post me wot fsb -multiplier -voltages to use

this is my 1st time overclocking so plz explain in stuff i understand thx

  mark500 21:50 21 Sep 2003
  whizza 21:58 21 Sep 2003

thx m8 i have read loads of these beginners guides i just need some where which will tell me the exact fsb and multiplier to use and if i gotta change some voltage settings

  mark500 22:14 21 Sep 2003

1)XP 2100+ @ 1858Mhz 1.775v
143/36 x 13
Running full load at 143.5F/62C.

2)133/15 @ 1995mhz with regular voltage of 1.56v.

click here The above were taken from the link above.Take a peek.

  woodchip 22:22 21 Sep 2003

It's a case of experimentation. If it goes wrong it's your fault. I have a 1600xp that I have run for a week at 1900 by altering the fsb to 150/150 but not all at one go, up one notch at a time, without probs just to test. I have run at 1700 ever since.

  whizza 11:13 22 Sep 2003

ive been told to put my vcore to 1.85 in bios and then up the fsb 3 at a time is this correct??

  woodchip 16:15 22 Sep 2003

You need to know the Volt on the CPU before you change it, under the fan. Then change in bios

  The Transporter 16:25 22 Sep 2003

GO here

click here

ALl about the L12 mod

It will change your cpu to a 166 mhz fsb instead of 133. So then you will be able to get awesome overclocks

I did it to my XP2000 as a bit of an expo as it was a spare processor as i use a XP2700+ now.

It now is very fast, and requires less voltage too. to get great overclocks, just remember you need at least pc2700 ram, ideally pc3200 ram, and a motherboard that supports the new fsb.


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