Overclocking AMD Athlon 1800+

  Craigmave 01:18 24 Sep 2003

Hello, what is a safe clocking speed to take the 1800+ to. I dont want to corrupt my pc by going to far. And also what is the safe voltage as well. I have 550W PSU, cheers.

  daba 02:14 24 Sep 2003

The SAFE voltage is as per the chip spec.

The SAFE speed is as per the chip spec.

anything else you're on yer own, no guarantees, no comebacks, and loads of "I told you so"'s

anyway what do you want to run that needs to overclock an 1800 ?

better off to improve the other slow things on your PC, like your HDD, for example.....

  The Sack 02:26 24 Sep 2003

The safe speed is its default speed.

FWIW my XP2400+ (266MHz FSB and 2GHz) will do 430MHz FSB and 2.3GHz (Vcore at 1.8V) in one combination of FSB and multiplier.

A higher FSB will offer better gains in games etc and i reckon it will hit 400MHz given the right mobo without breaking a sweat. 2GHz at 1.65V should be not problem either but again it depends on what mobo you are running etc.

Just dont do it all in one lump, do it bit by bit.

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