hgrock 09:30 16 Jun 2003

I have an Athlon xp 2000 and an Abit AT7 MAX2 raid board, 512 ddr400 ram, OS XP home.
I want to overclock it a bit but i do not know which values to change in the bios below is what I have any help from you experts out there would be appreciated

CPU Operation speed: 2000 +(133)
CPU FBS Clock (MHz):133
MULTIPLIER Factor x12.5
speed error hold :disabled
enhanced for benchmark:disabled

Core Voltage: 1.750v
DDR Voltage: 2.55
CPU Command decode: at Fast

which of the above can be altered to ease it up to 2100 or 2200 cpu,

Also increasing memory beyond 512 does it make a differance? I know it didn't in earlier versions of windows

  OneSirKnight 10:21 16 Jun 2003

Have tried here,.....click here

  hgrock 11:11 16 Jun 2003

That's just a online shop

  jbaker65 11:19 16 Jun 2003

Hi, what will you do with the few microseconds you will gain. Is it really worth it. If you insist, watch your processor temperature. regards, John.

  Paranoid Android 12:46 16 Jun 2003



  The Sack 12:56 16 Jun 2003

Hmmm depends on what you overclock really doesnt it. My Athlon XP2400+ is still running at its default speed of 2GHz but it is on a 400MHz FSB (200X10) with the RAM in sync and with a Vcore of 1.65V it gives just over 1GB/s of extra bandwidth between the processor and the RAM than if it was running at its default 266MHz FSB. Current temps on this fine day are 43.5C and that is air cooled with a 4500RPM fan on the heatsink at 100% load crunching the UD agent.

Still dont think its worth it?

  hgrock 23:49 16 Jun 2003

I am aware that it really is not worth the hass. that is not the point , i just want to try it out for myself, all i asked for was the answer to which figures i should alter if you knew not a lecture on if it is worth it or not

  hugh-265156 00:03 17 Jun 2003

click here is a good site.have fun.

  woodchip 00:08 17 Jun 2003

I have a 1600xp+ and have run at 1900 for two weeks but dropped it back to 1700 never hade any probs when working no extra fans or anything special Heat never moved from around 39c. But if you have a 2000 Why do you need to Over clock it

  hgrock 08:46 18 Jun 2003

the same reason you wanted to overclock yours

  woodchip 14:28 18 Jun 2003

Just wanted to test it I did not go to the limit or use any extra fans or cooling

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