Overclocking a 6600Gt

  Madscot_uk 22:06 14 Jul 2005

Having looked through the previous posts on overclocking...it becomes clear that overclocking p4s is usually impossible and very risky. The next best would be g card, as the post title states i have a 6600gt currently at 450/900Mhz, would there be any benifit in overclocking it further, or do the risks outweigh the benifits?

  Completealias 00:32 15 Jul 2005

I haven't attempt this myself yet but found this when I was looking into it, Nvida put there own overclocking ultility into there graphics drivers but it is disabled by default, you can enable it by

Run regedit


You then need to create a new Dword value called Coolbits with a value of 3 and then reboot.

Now when you open the nvida drivers there is an option to change the GPU chip and memory settings, it also has an auto detect function which will apparently give you a good baseline to begin from.

  Madscot_uk 14:02 15 Jul 2005

Thank you Completealias, it works nicely....upon clicking detect optimal frequencies my card is now clocked at 550Mhz/1Ghz altho i will be keeping an eye on its temp (currently 55 Deg C, up from 52) and the core slowdown is set at 127.

  Madscot_uk 14:33 15 Jul 2005

One final addendum.....one simple reg edit + a click of a button has upped my 3d mark 05 score from 3368 to 3598!

  Completealias 17:18 15 Jul 2005

No problem glad I could help

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