sidewayzskillz 00:42 19 Mar 2010

my pc has a ASUS m2n68-am se2 motherboard and a AMD Athlon ii x2 240 proccesor, i am new to the whole overclocking thing but have managed to get it from 2.8ghz to about 3.05ghz (14 x 220mhz) using the standard voltage and everything else in the bios set to auto.
when i uped the voltage by 50mv i could get it to run at 14 x 230mhz BUT it was very unstable and only disided to boot now and again, and the same when i uped the voltage by 100mv (standard voltage is 1.408v)
according to many forums it is possible to overclock this proccesor to 3.5ghz using standard heatsink and fan, and running stable.

could anyone give me some tips on how to overclock it further while still keeping it stable.

cheers (:

  mark3986 01:09 19 Mar 2010

how do i overclock my laptop mate

  MAJ 01:24 19 Mar 2010

Overclocking is a matter of trial and error in small doses and it can be dangerous to your CPU and/or motherboard.

To get a speed of 3.5MHz would require a multiplier of 16 and an FSB of 220, or the standard FSB of 200 MHz with a multiplier of 17.5, that supposes that the multiplier isn't locked. You'll not get it using FSB speed and voltage increases alone, that's probably why things are unstable.

This isn't an overclocking forum, we're here to help fix problems not suggest ways of causing problems. IMHO if you want a faster CPU, you should buy one.

Anyhow, be careful as you're not sure what you're doing and seek out a dedicated overclocking forum.

  MAT ALAN 07:22 19 Mar 2010

click here
ask here you will get a more definitive answer...

  sidewayzskillz 09:07 19 Mar 2010

i dont think its realy dangerous to overclock my pc as long as i dont crank the voltage right up because when i over do it a little bit it just comes up "overclock failed, plz set bios to defalt" when you boot up the pc,
also on all the forums they are doing it with the standard multiplyer speed of 14 and just upping the bus speed to 250

cheers anyway chaps

will check out some dedicated overclocking forums now

  bloater333 12:02 23 Mar 2010

just tried finding out as much info as poss on overclocking and found this: click here which was very helpful for beginners

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