jotoad 06:34 15 Feb 2006

I am fairly good with computers, but I have never tried overclocking. In my computer I have an ASUS P5RD1-VM Motherboard with a P4 630 Prescott @ 3.0 ghz with 2gb of ram, and my system is air cooled. I have looked at many overclocking sites and I can't make sense of them. Is there anything I can do to the CPU to get a noticeable difference in speed. Or like so many other sites say, should I not even bother?

  Forum Editor 07:05 15 Feb 2006

Speakers Corner.

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  €dstowe 07:56 15 Feb 2006

Computer speeds are so great now that you will have difficulty in either achieving an increase in the operating speed or, even if you did, noticing that increase.

Overclocking has always carried a risk of wrecking the computer. Are you sure you want to take that risk?

  hzhzhz 08:18 15 Feb 2006

Just out of curiosity I overclocked my athlon 2ghz to run at 2.25ghz. It is stable and the temperature just increases about 5 degrees over normal aftter a period of gaming. I must say that I havn't noticed a huge difference in performance. I raised the fsb from 133 to 150 and assumed that as I am using pc166 memory that all would be ok and it seems that way.
As €dstowe says "Overclocking has always carried a risk of wrecking the computer. Are you sure you want to take that risk?."

  hzhzhz 08:38 15 Feb 2006

click here .Can you make sense of this article?.

  DieSse 10:59 15 Feb 2006

What part of it don't you follow?

  Totally-braindead 11:06 15 Feb 2006

Wouldn't recommend overclocking, unless of course you can afford to buy a new PC if things go pear shaped.

  hzhzhz 17:58 15 Feb 2006


Sorry, question was aimed at jotoad. :-)

  DieSse 18:29 15 Feb 2006

My apologies - I read it another way.

  rmcqua 18:30 15 Feb 2006

Many Asus m/boards have an overclocking option built into BIOS that allows you to overclock by preset amounts (5%, 10%, 20%).
I cannot agree with €dstowe. Speed increases are generally easy to achieve with modern m/boards and in my case (I overclock a 3.2GHz P4 to 3.85GHZ - it runs cool and stably) the increase is very noticeable.
If you decide to do it, just make sure that you have very good cooling.

  jotoad 02:51 16 Feb 2006

When I try to use the built in overclocking the computer says "Overclocking Failed" when it is turning on then it just freezes before windows even starts.

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