MrGeesBigCircus 09:14 12 Jul 2004

I have an Asus A7N8X-X, an Athlon XP 2200+ (1.8GHz), and 256Mb PC2700 RAM. After a little reading into overclocking, I tried a softly softly approach and used automated Windows programs like SoftFSB.
None of these seem to support my motherboard, so I was wondering if anybody could give me some practical information to safely overclock through the BIOS.
Please pipe up if you need any more info.

  SANTOS7 09:35 12 Jul 2004

there is no practical info on "SAFELY" overclocking the difference it would make would hardly be noticeable, it also dramatically decreases the life of your components.
If you want to make a difference more memory would be a good place to start, cooling your components (CPU) down more will make them more efficient and good housekeeping, if your PC is optomised it will run faster

  MrGeesBigCircus 09:49 12 Jul 2004

Okey dokey, thanks for the advice Santos. I'm no newbie to PC's, I regularly tidy out my HD, schedule virus scans, clear adware & spyware etc.
I've read into overclocking and know the dangers (although I have now heard these are usually exaggerated) and want to go ahead with some serious overclocking - not just speeding up my general PC use with good housekeeping but tweaking the hardware to increase the processor speed.
As I said I'm not new to PC's, but I would like some help with knowing how to alter the FSB, multiplier and what-not.

  SANTOS7 10:08 12 Jul 2004

the safest thing i can suggest is to join a forum dedicated to Overclocking whereby you will get specialised info on what or what not to do, can't really recommend any as its something i have never considered doing myself. good luck anyway

  €dstowe 10:37 12 Jul 2004

Why do you want to take the risk of overclocking?

If you want a faster computer, just upgrade. The motherboard you have will accept a faster CPU and you can easily add extra RAM (up to 3GB, I believe).

By messing around with clock speeds, supply voltages and all other such overclocking stuff there is a great danger of you ending up with a very expensive box of useless junk.

Think carefully befor you do it.

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