eccy92 16:47 18 Jun 2004

I keep on hearing the term overclocking it might sound a dumb question but what is this and is it worth doing. if it does help the computer to run better can you pleace tell me how to do it

  woodchip 17:08 18 Jun 2004

It may KILL it

  rickf 17:09 18 Jun 2004

Overclocking can only be done generalyy with a CPU that is not locked. AMD CPUs are normally capable of OC, as said ,if not locked. It does not make the comp. work better but faster and therefore generating more heat. It is quite a complicated process with some dangers to burning out your components, if not the comp. If your PC is working properly leave it alone. With respect you sound like a novice and I would suggest you don't tinkle with OC.

  SANTOS7 17:14 18 Jun 2004

you can make your PC run better if you cool down your CPU with the use of extra fans or thermal paste which will also lengthen the life of your components that along with good house keeping and having your AVs upto date i think is a better option than Overclocking

  woodchip 17:18 18 Jun 2004

It's hardly worth the worry about blowing the comp up, as New Mobo and bigger CPU are that cheap

  Totally-braindead 19:11 18 Jun 2004

Its basically forcing your computer to run faster than it was designed to do, this is done by upping the voltages and bus speeds on the components in your PC, this can be done usually through the Bios. As the others have said though its really quite dangerous for your PC, assuming you don't actually destroy some or all of the components in your PC as soon as you try it it can cause instabilty causing files not to open properly etc and the PC to crash. The other thing is heat. Overclocking parts causes them to heat up, you usually have to add extra fans larger heatsinks etc and some people even buy liquid cooling systems to stop things getting out of hand, if it goes too far then....Bye bye PC, hello large useless paperweight. I've never overclocked a PC and would not recommend even trying it.

  €dstowe 19:14 18 Jun 2004

Only for those with a death wish.

  eccy92 19:21 18 Jun 2004

Ok thanks for the information I think I will keep well away from that then cheers

  Dorsai 19:27 18 Jun 2004

With no disrespect intended to overclockers..

I think OC is a PC version of those who buy a car, the try and make it go faster...Big bore exhaust..Induction kit...Spoilers....Wide wheels....custom Injection map....high lift cams...Nitro injection kit....list continues till PC advisor's server HDD's full and crashes..

For what it actually costs to do, you can normally buy somthing that was made to work that fast to start with, have spare change left over, and a guarantee to boot.

  woodchip 20:27 18 Jun 2004

Not for the faint hearted. Saying that my comp is running over clocked. A AMD 1600XP+ Palomino running at the moment 1700 but have run this at 1900 for two weeks and no extra fans other that the CPU CoolerMaster Fan and PSU fan no overheat problems at all.

  rickf 20:32 18 Jun 2004

Actually you can OC'ed if you know how and do it carefully stage by stage. I have an AmD XP 2500, unlocked and its running at 3000 with just a few tweaks. It is steady as a rock for the past two months.

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