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I have a MSI MS6738 Motherboard with a AMD 1.3Ghz Chip. I would like to 'overclock; it and have heard it can be done.

HOW ??

The spec info says a VIA ProSavageDDR KM266 is recommended so i think it would be OK to do so.

Built on a budget by a mate and now i have the bug of 'fiddling inside'. looking to further my knowledge!!!

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How to wreck your 'puter click here

We look forrward to your cries for help!

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Excellent. :);)

  [DELETED] 00:30 18 Nov 2003

Take no notice---try using a google search for overclocking.

However bear in mind that VoG and bsod are
not merely extracting the urine!

If you want to experiment with overcloccking then by all means do it(my pc is overclocked).
But make sure you research it as much as you can----and BE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!!

It could be much easier and cheaper to upgrade to a faster up-to-date machine than risk screwing up what you already have!

  [DELETED] 01:17 18 Nov 2003

"The spec info says a VIA ProSavageDDR KM266 is recommended so i think it would be OK to do so"

I don't understand what you are trying to say, or the conclusion you reach from this.

  [DELETED] 01:52 18 Nov 2003

OC'ing will shorten the life of the components,is not a subject that wont lighten your wallet(when you try for the ultimate fsb)and rarely produces anything worthwhile in performance increases.There are many things to consider,if you lift the fsb,cpu gets hotter,it always increases the RAM speeds,these get hot and instability arises.The AGP speed increases,but its optimum speed is 33 so its bandwidth gets narrower as it goes up,and slower graphics than unclocked will be the result.PCI buses run at 33,if this is altered,other hardware suffers(hdd failing to boot,etc)

There is no hard and fast rules to OC'ing,other than a trip into BIOS and see whats available on your mobo to "tweak" and try tiny tweaks to whats available,test it out,back into BIOS to try another and so on.NEVER bang 50mhz onto FSB 1st go,add 1 or 2,see if you can alter Multiplier settings,slower multiplier can get bigger FSB to arrive back where you started CPU speedwise,but the CPU is "thinking" faster so gains(small)can be had.

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In all cases overclocking is just the emperors' clothes. It rarely produces anything worthwhile or that mere mortals can notice and ranks on the same level as posters, on other forums, that have their computer's specs as part of their signature in posts ;-)) *eyes raise*.

I would take heed of the above advice. Even if you are 'successful' in overclocking a 1.3 to 1.6 there will be no noticeable difference apart from the smell of burning. It is one of life's mysteries why people still overclock and if it goes AWOL then you are in expensive trouble.


  [DELETED] 09:32 18 Nov 2003

Think I'll have a search on the web and look but sounds a little riskier than i thought. Lesson No1 - Listen to advice carefuly - So will look to upgrade and do it that way.

Thx folks

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well i do a lot of over clocking my 2.5 is running stable at 3.00, my graphics card is overclocked and i notice the big difference. I play a lot of online games so for me its worth while plus i get a lot of extra performance, but for you i dont think you will see any difference. The biggest problem is if you dont know what you are doing it is so easy to blow items up and for the size of proccesor you have it is just not worth messing. My best advice is to get your system upgraded...you will see a bigger differnce.

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here are a few sites that will give you further insite to over clocking.

click here

click here

click here

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