Overburning using Nero 5.5.9

  Sunny-275842 14:01 13 Mar 2003

does anyone know how to overburn a 80min disc?! im trying to burn a converted film from .avi to .mpeg to vcd formatt but the size of the film is 889mb so im wondering how can i overburn this 89megs on to a 80min cd cause i want to view it on my dvd player instead of the pc.

can anyone give me a step by step instructions on how to do this?

thanks! Spudling

  powerless 14:21 13 Mar 2003

File > Preferences... > Expert Features...

Be careful might damage the rewriter.

  Stuartli 15:52 13 Mar 2003

Also covered in Help...

  AudioVic' 19:43 14 Mar 2003

If your CD writer does not support over burn then leave well alone.

Some writers support it. My Freecom 32A does, but I won't chance utilising it.

Even with writers that support it you can have very serious consequences.

Proceed at your own peril.

  siouxah1 20:27 14 Mar 2003

Split the file and burn to two CDs. Not Ideal, but then!!

Regards Brian j

  Sunny-275842 22:48 14 Mar 2003

hmmmm but it takes time to split them i just wanna over burn, but since you guys say its not good then i prob wont chance it!

thanks peeps!


  WiLL-A 23:20 14 Mar 2003

You cannot fit a 889MB file onto an 80min CD!

80 min CDs will only hold 700MB of data, with over burn you can only realistically get about another 3-4 MB of safe over burning.

I use 99 min CDs and they will only hold a maximum of approx 865MB so even then you still couldnt fit it onto one of these.

If you wish to convert MPEG or any other format to Video CD format then you need to split the movie over two disks.

The best method is to convert the film to SVCD format which is higher quality but will still only use up two CDs.

As for over burning in general, my Philips drive has never had any problems and I do it all the time, writing to 99min Infiniti CDRs. If the drive ever packs in then I will simply buy a new one as they are dirt cheap these days.

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