duplo 12:00 03 Feb 2003

Hello all,

I have a 770MB file- it will fit on an 80min CD if I overburn to 84mins.

Can I do this, my CDRW is capable of overburning a CD but I dont know how much I can overburn by. It also says it could damage my drive. I have never gone beyond 82mins.

Just need some advice!

  Lozzy 12:04 03 Feb 2003

Your file size will not fit onto a 80min CD.. Max file size for an 80min CD is 740mb

  duplo 12:07 03 Feb 2003


Cheers! Any idea where I can get bigger CD's?

  duplo 12:12 03 Feb 2003

When I look in windows explorer the file size is 735- but in nero it is shown as 770 in the file browser, but when I drag it into the 'copy browser' the line at the bottom reads below the 750 mark??

Does this make any difference?

  Kudu 13:00 03 Feb 2003

click here worth a look.

  cream. 13:35 03 Feb 2003

Well you can get 90min. from here click here

I think they are available in a few stores and are becoming more common. The trouble is that some cdrw's will not recognize the 90min. disk.

If it was me and nero was happy to go ahead with the burn, then I would try it. But this IS me and I have burned 84mins before.

Nero has refused to burn for me but I was trying to push it to 87min.

  cream. 13:38 03 Feb 2003

99mins.cdr's from click here

  duplo 15:16 03 Feb 2003

OK... thanks alot!

I will try at 84 mins! Just hope it wont kill burner! (its a samsung 40/12/40 with burnpoof)...

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