Overburining CDs - Can't burn more than 702Mb

  beastieboy 12:05 19 Feb 2003

I have a Lite-On CD Writer and have 90 Minute CDs. According to Sources of mine, I can overburn the CDs by enabling the function within Nero. File -> Preferences -> Advanced.... blah. I have done this, but still it won't let me write more than 702Mb. Please can you help.

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  beastieboy 12:13 19 Feb 2003

Please help

  TBH1 13:10 19 Feb 2003

don't use Nero but - - - - I use adaptec, my writer a very old one, 4 speed jobby. When I use 700mb cd's, the 'space-left' thingy in the software still only goes up to 650mb - -and when I copy something that goes over this 650mb, I get an error message saying I'm so many minutes over the top - - - it does copy up to the 700mb though. I know your talking about the cd's above the 700mb but stated above as an example. Now when you say it won't copy, do you mean its 'saying' that it ain't gonna copy or it literally won't copy. Sorry I'm a little vague here, am at work and ain't got a writer here and doing this from memory - -as failing as that is..

  beastieboy 13:13 19 Feb 2003

Cheers, I heard that Roxio software will not work on overburning issues though. Nero pops up a message saying that there is not enough space on the CD and asks me to insert another one.


  deadneat 13:28 19 Feb 2003

Small quantities of 90-minute and 99-minute blanks have appeared, but since their introduction in late 2000 they haven't become as commonplace as other lengths. Indications are that many recorders and some software don't really work with the longer discs.

The discs have capacity of roughly 791MB (90 min) and 870MB (99 min). However, all the capacity in the world won't help you if you can't read the disc back. If you're interested in larger but incompatible discs, and don't want to pay the premium imposed by DVD-R, read about DD-R/DD-RW in section (2-37) and ML in section (2-39).

CD time stamps are two digits (binary coded decimal, in case you were wondering), so exceeding 99 minutes isn't possible. You could, in theory, declare there to be 99 seconds in a minute and 99 sectors per second, but that would break just about everything that tried to read one. The limits of the specifications are being pushed at 80 minutes and even harder at 90, so don't expect much more out of CD-R. Some knowledgeable individuals have stated that the longest possible CD-R is 79 minutes, 59 seconds, 74 blocks long, because of the way that the last possible start time of the lead-out is encoded, but you can use "overburning" (discussed in the next section) to write past that point.

See click here for a tutorial on burning 90-minute discs with Nero. In short: make sure your drive supports overburning, set "Enable overburn" in the "Expert features" tab of the preferences, ignore the warnings, and cross your fingers. Always verify the disc afterward.

  deadneat 13:29 19 Feb 2003

not edited above. Hope this helps

  beastieboy 13:41 19 Feb 2003


  mrchips 15:27 19 Feb 2003


Tried to source 90min/99min blanks without much luck, where do you buy them??

  jonski 16:20 19 Feb 2003

u sure ur cd rom supports 90 min cdr`s.?

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