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Overall this PC is performing below expectations

  ZuleZ 19:12 17 Apr 2019

Hello, so my laptop is below expectations, do you have any idea why?

Here are test results: click here

  wee eddie 19:22 17 Apr 2019

Could you tell us what your Laptop is and what your expectations were.

  john bunyan 20:02 17 Apr 2019

See his post re PC type

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  ZuleZ 20:09 17 Apr 2019

My expectations were it working normal as other ranked laptops, my CPU is ranked so low, so is RAM. I was wondering is my laptop broken or what, when i start laptop and dont run any app, my cpu utilitazion is really high 50-60%. I want to know can i reapair it

  wee eddie 21:21 17 Apr 2019

Forgetting about things like CPU usage.

How does it do as a Word Processor, Net Surfer and Movie Player?

  ZuleZ 10:25 18 Apr 2019

Really bad, Net loading is slow, movies stuck from time to time

  wee eddie 11:07 18 Apr 2019

Just tell us what it is, so that we can google it and get an impression of what we would expect. Also, please tell us how long you have had it

  ZuleZ 19:43 18 Apr 2019

Acer Aspire E15, specs are I5-7200U, GTX 940MX, DDR4 2600MHZ

  wee eddie 19:53 18 Apr 2019

How long have you had it and what Anti Virus Package are you running?

Also what maintenance Software do you regularly run. CCleaner, Malwarebytes etc

  x13 02:09 19 Apr 2019

First of all it's a laptop so the CPU isn't as powerfull as you get in a full PC but it is pretty good for a laptop. GPU similar and ram only single channel. Assuming you're using Windows 10 as OS then I suggest it's your Seagate spinner hard drive that's the bottleneck. The Seagate ST1000MLM035-1RK172 is a 5400 rpm older type and will always play catchup to your CPU and ram. Upgrading to an SSD will make a difference but might not be physically easy to do.

What you might try is when you initially boot up and log in, go and have a cup of tea, and leave the laptop to do its thing for ten-fifteen minutes before you use it. Give the drive time to catchup. Then check task manager to see if the hard drive usage has settled to around zero percent. Then start using it. Might help.

  wee eddie 09:09 19 Apr 2019

Kevin, you are smart. In my experience of Computer use, which goes back to the 1980's, a fair proportion of problems that we see here, are caused by simple errors and misunderstanding of instructions that others assume are obvious.

Of course there are highly complex problems, I leave them to the cognoscenti, such as yourself. Meanwhile, cut out the sarcastic remarks, my tally of successful solutions probably outnumbers yours by a considerable number

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