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  ktheed1 17:03 03 Jul 2009


Just built a website for my nan to advertise her dogs and show photo's of some of her puppies.

click here

I know the writing is hard to read, but she insisted on that font.

Comments welcome .

  Forum Editor 19:15 03 Jul 2009

that the font is dreadful, and will deter visitors from going any further.

At the moment you appear to have just one page, with no navigation buttons, so it isn't possible to make any further comment, apart from the fact that you should think carefully about animation - lots of people find it terribly irritating.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:31 03 Jul 2009

See what you mean about the font. Yikes!

It's worth dong something about the photo album; 134 photo's in a single album will not get any viewers past the 3rd or 4th picture if you're lucky. Possibly categorise them and create 5 or 6 different albums with thumbnails. 134 photo's may be too many anyway....you could consider reducing it.

  Forum Editor 23:21 03 Jul 2009

in my browser. The first thing I noticed was:-

Huskies photo's

That should be: Huskies' photos.

There are numerous errors throughout the text, as fourm member points out.

Otherwise, I agree with what has been said about images; there are far too many of them in the album. The number should be reduced to say 20 or so high-quality samples, and there should be no red eyes at all - they look dreadful. In a site about a specific breed of dog it would be good to see some really stunning images on the pages themselves - they can be used to good effect to break up great slabs of text.

Once again I have to mention the font - it is without doubt the worst I have seen on a website; it will lose you traffic. That animation of the running Husky becomes extremely irritating, as does the mouse trail applet on the homepage. Good quality static images will be far more powerful.

You did say 'Comments welcome' - I'm sure you understand that, harsh as some of our comments might seem, they are made with the success of your site in mind.

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