Over maximum memory limit on Lenovo M91p?

  theooo 11:13 03 Nov 2014

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Is there anyone tried install over 16GB (the maximum memory) on Lenovo M91p? or installed 1 stick of 8GB memory on M91p work without any problem?


just try to ask for anyone with such experience. of course, it needs to take the risk for upgrading memory that do not state in specification. However, is it too risky for the upgrade?

i tried google about it, most of the memory vendor follow lenovo's spec. except one

click here,Lenovo,Desktop-1-Works...

Desktop/Workstation RAM & Memory upgrade » ThinkCentre M91p Tower, SFF

Memory: performance and compatibility to Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p Tower, SFF guaranteed

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We certified the offered 8GB, 4GB and 2GB memory modules for ThinkCentre M91p Tower, SFF Desktop/Workstation. CompuRAM modules can additionally be integrated next to existing memory for your system. Following the specifications and instructions of Lenovo the memories can be easily used next to each other with different capacities and from a variety of different manufacturers. In exceptional cases, we point out special instructions.

Please note that the values indicated in the item description, for example those concerning the speed rates and timings, are for your information only. These are the minimum technical specifications by Lenovo. For our modules we always use the most current and fastest DRAMs. That means, that we typically provide memory modules that allow an even higher timing than neccessary for your system.

Regardless of whether you are Lenovo Desktop/Workstation-User, resell your computer, install or operate your system - as a competent partner we advise you in every matter with regard to memory.


  lotvic 11:37 03 Nov 2014

Expensive doorstop if it goes wrong.

Why would you even want more than 16GB ram? and if you did then I would advise buying a motherboard that the manufacturer specifies can use/cope with it.

  theooo 12:15 04 Nov 2014

i need to test ESXI on M91p, upgrade the memory seems better than buying a new PC, i don't want to spend too much on testing machine.

Also, find the germany website stated it is upgradable. i do believe it is lenovo's marketing issue.

  lotvic 14:03 04 Nov 2014

It would have been good to find someone who had actually done the upgrade, as it is you will have to decide whether to be that person.. or not ;)

  theooo 00:30 05 Nov 2014

i got no 8GB RAM on hand :(

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